Dating remington rifles serial number

19-Aug-2017 11:45

Query: I am the proud owner of a Model 12 that I have owned for 30 years. Thanks very much, any info will be greatly appreciated. John Knibbs ( John Knibbs International; worked at BSA for many years and nowadays sells spares for a cross-section of their cartridge and air rifles. The rifle was advertised as a basic No.12 with open sights at £5-12s-0d, and with B. For those who may be seeking such information, we copy one such enquiry and, in part, our reply below. Is there any info on the approximate manufacture date? in production for more than 30 years, with most manufactured between the two World Wars, and an as yet undiscovered total production figure, accurately dating a Model 12 is not something we have not been able to easily achieve. Gone were the cocking indicator, deep fore-end and No's. The chequering panel was a little smaller, but the chequering its self was not as fine as on the earlier rifles. Anschutz and most other manufacturers now mirror the latter design. One particular point of interest is that the Winchester model 52 'bull-gun' had by then increased in price to a startling £38-10-0. Model No.12 must have achieved one of the longest running production periods for any target rifle, and has been given a new lease of life in the various historic & classic competitions that are now growing in popularity. It has only one lug or ear on the bottom of the element, unlike the Parker-Hale Models 2 or 22, which have one lug on each side. 2, 20, & 22 sights were dove-tailed into the barrel itself. In England, a basic Winchester model 52 at this time cost £9-15-0, a premium equivalent to that at which the B. The extra work was reflected in the considerable price for the day of £15-15-0. A 1936 catalogue shows the Models 12, 13, 15 & 12/15, but no Model No. It had gone to join those other great TARGET RIFLES on that rifle range in the sky where every shot is a bull and every card a possible. Above and below: the split in the receiver body can be clearly seen, as can the spring-loaded locating pin on the RHS of the breehing thread, which engages with a slot in the barrel reinforce to ensure that the barrel and foresight are upright in relation to the action and butt-stock. No.19 foresight cost £6-12s-6d, whilst a 12e was as the 12d, but fitted with the Parker-Hale model 1 interchangeable foresight, all in at £6-15-0. It was expensively produced with a matted rib to the foresight, Parker-Rifled, filecut topsides to the action, inlaid silver name on the left side plate, a longer fore-end, and pistol-grip butt with a special under-lever. The total price remained the same as in 1930 for the rifle Models 12, 12a, 12b, (but there was no 12d or 12e), just a 12f fitted with Parker-Hale Model 2 fore-sight at the price for the old Model 12d of £6-12s-6d. If you have any information as to the origin of the adapter, then do please let us know.y 1947, the "famous 12" no longer appears in the catalogues. The whole process takes only a few seconds and permits the rifle to be transported in a case little larger than a slightly over-long brief-case.

We have seen several take-downs with deep fore-ends that have a smaller panel of finer chequering, which we believe was an earlier variation from possibly the 1920's. Rifles with these split actions have maintained their integrity over nearly a hundred years of use and many thousands of operations.

The windage can then be adjusted by respectively slackening and tightening the appropriate knurled knobs, whose set-screws bear on the ends of the No.19 dovetail. The exact date on which production finished is not presently known to us. Finally, BSA manufactured "take-down" versions of some of their sporting and TARGET RIFLES .

A sling eye seemed by then to be a standard fitting to the front of the fore-end, in addition to the original one under the barrel. The No.19 sight tunnel's own dovetail is arranged to slide comparatively freely in the adapter's dovetailed groove. We have acquired some original test cards from a Model 12 and, considering how the accuracy of ammunition has improved since then, the groups would put some well-known more modern small-bore TARGET RIFLES to shame!

Model 12 in the 1914 edition of Robinson's book, but we suspect that this was a "typo", because to date we have only seen take-down models with a tapered locking screw, never with a thumb lever. A.) advises that " the model 12 has been popular despite the high tariffs charged". catalogue prices at the time, it is apparent that the reverse situation applied 'on this side of the pond'! Our best estimate is that the total production was of the order of 60,000 rifles, although this could be wildly inaccurate as it is partly derived from serial numbers seen on rifles at auction, and there is no guarantee that the series started with No.1, although that was the most usual system at that time.

~ e are aware that the American market preferred the fitment of the Lyman 48 rear-sight, which allowed for cleaning of the barrel from the breech end. Many BSA records were lost, if we recall correctly, as a result of bomb damage in Birmingham during the last War, and it may be that much of this information is no longer available; it would be preferable to ask him directly. catalogue listed as "the latest thing in specialised TARGET RIFLES ", unfortunately the catalogue in which it appears is undated. The "Olympic" being possibly the first of the heavy barrelled TARGET RIFLES .

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